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I am honoured that Moving East has been featured by Bluebalu: Living in Hong Kong, a blog that I absolutely love. Bluebalu is a cornucopia of posts (I am in awe of people who are able to post so frequently and regularly) about interesting things to do and try, in and around Hong Kong, including sights, food and travel. I have picked up tips that have been helpful for everyday living in HK and some great ideas for places to go. She has such a happy approach to her explorations and her photos are amazing.

Bluebalu has included me in her “Bluebalu Likes / Interview with …” category and posted an interview with me a few days ago. I’m honoured to be in the excellent company of her other interviewees and really grateful for her support of Moving East. Check out her site; I know you’ll find many things of interest.

Interview with Moving East

I read about Chinese strawberries in a Bluebalu post and found some at a market a few days later -- one of many useful tips.

I read about Chinese strawberries in this Bluebalu post. I found some in a market a few days later and knew what they were, thanks to her! Tried them and liked them too.  [Photo by bluebalu]