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I hope they know which one is ours! http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-hong-kong-port-image27974799

I hope they know which one is ours.

I just received confirmation that our shipment of furniture and household goods from our home in Canada has arrived in Hong Kong and will be delivered to our new apartment on Wednesday, Sept 10.

This shipment left our home in Ottawa on July 4 so it has taken almost exactly two months. But the speed of the turn-around between its arrival in HK and delivery to our apartment has caught us by surprise. So much so that – guess what?! Paul will NOT be here for the move-in!! (He has a full day of meetings he cannot miss. Sure, sure …) I guess given that I was left to do all the down-sizing, prep and organization of the move-out in Ottawa over two months while he was here in HK, what’s one more day of it?! (Do you sense just a touch of bitterness?) I have laid down the rule: he is not to even THINK about saying “Why did you bring this?”, “Why didn’t you bring that?”, or “Why did you have it put there?”

The original ETA for our shipment by our terrific international mover in Ottawa was mid- to late September. Then it became Sept 4, then Sept 8 and finally Sept 7. Somehow all of this ended up with us jumping the gun a little by taking possession of our new apartment on Sept 1. We learned about the Sept 4 date on the day we found this apartment. We wanted a couple of days of overlap and didn’t want our things to spend any time in storage. But I think that in our eagerness, we didn’t consider the time required for customs or the possibility of further delays. I wish now we had pushed out our possession date a bit because believe me, at HK real estate prices, you don’t want to be paying for two apartments any longer than you have to. I guess the main lesson learned from this, for anyone contemplating an overseas move, is to keep your options open as much as possible and expect anything in terms of timing.

BTW, I think we got lucky with our landlord. He has been very attentive and courteous, has hired professionals to do all the required maintenance work to get the apartment ready and has been very communicative. We are hopeful this will continue.

This will be such an adjustment from our house and garden in Ottawa. This might explain why I can’t quite imagine our things in this apartment. Somehow, having our stuff “out there” somewhere these last two months has given us a reprieve, a pretext that we’re not really living here. That will change now. I’m excited but apprehensive. I’m listening to a lot of Bach.

Ready or not, here it comes!


Photo credit: http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-hong-kong-port-image27974799