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The countdown is on. I have two weeks until I leave for Hong Kong. My head is swimming. I cross one thing off my to-do list and add three more. My purging and selling frenzy is pretty much done, the down-sizing complete. I am now tying up loose ends, going through those last cupboards and drawers, completing final paperwork, and saying goodbyes. The latter involves a lot of food and wine and assurances that we will remain in contact.

I am so glad that I had no trouble letting go of our possessions during this big purge. I know that a lot of our things found great homes. I’ve even received messages and pictures from some of the buyers and recipients of donated items saying how happy they are with their new whatever. My only pangs of remorse have been around giving away my daughter’s HUGE stuffed animal collection. I sure hope they are happy. I saw Toy Story.

Although it was hard doing it all myself with Paul away in Hong Kong, I think that had its advantages. We couldn’t quibble about whether to keep such-and-such or what price to ask. He also knows (don’t you dear?) that he can’t complain about the outcome because he wasn’t here to deal with it.

Paul is working a lot but has settled well into his job. He says he feels like he’s on an extended business trip which I can understand, because he has been living in a hotel suite since May 1. He will move into a different serviced apartment on July 1, just before I arrive, which is where we will stay until our things arrive from Canada in September.

Copenhagen Opera House

Copenhagen Opera House

In mid-June, Paul was in England for ten days with side trips to Wales and Copenhagen. He had a jam-packed schedule touring sites with the West Kowloon Cultural District theatre designers and attending an international conference for theatre engineers and architects. The highlight was a whirlwind day in Copenhagen where he was totally blown away by the Copenhagen Opera House and the Danish Radio Concert Hall. In early July, he is going to Barcelona to see a site-specific theatre performance by La fura Dels Baus called “M.U.R.S.”, a show about the influence of smart technology on our urban environment and our lives within. It will be a real busman’s holiday for this old theatre guy, one that he is really looking forward to.

My focus now is making sure everything is ready for the movers. The pack is scheduled for July 2 and 3, and the move-out will be July 4. On July 7, I sign over the house and on July 8, I’m on a plane to Hong Kong. Just 15 more sleeps!