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April was quite a month in this preparation phase of our Hong Kong adventure.

It began with a trip to Calgary to visit my parents, other family and friends. From there, via Vancouver, we went to Hong Kong for a week where I looked at apartments and Paul was working with the Authority. A few days after our return, we packed up 20 or so boxes of stuff and drove to Southern Ontario (about 6 hours from here) to store them at Paul’s sister’s place (thank you Susan!). We visited with his parents and sisters and ate royally. While there, we moved our daugther out of her Guelph apartment and into another for the coming school year. Upon our return to Ottawa, we attended a variety of work and friends farewell parties. We held a “shopping party” –an indoor garage sale for friends. We sold our house and one car. More parties. And Paul left permanently for Hong Kong yesterday.

Phew! My blog was on hold as was any semblance of routine throughout April. But I can finally decompress a little. The closing date on our house is July 7 so I’ll stay until then. My ticket to Hong Kong is booked for July 8 and I’m excited. I have two months to sell some remaining items and wrap things up. I’m going to get back to my fitness classes and play the carillon again. And I’m looking forward to spending this time with our daughter who is home from university and working here in Ottawa for the summer. It feels kind of blissful compared to the last three months.

I’ll catch you up on some details over my next blog posts. Thanks for your patience.