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I met someone today who is from Hong Kong and was there just a week ago. Here’s what she said when I told her I was moving there:

“Get ready to walk really fast! If you stop on the street, someone will run into you from behind! Everyone exits and enters the metro car at the same time! Don’t stand on the opposite side from your husband or you will get separated! If your husband waits for you on the street, he will be propositioned by prostitutes! You will be judged by your purse! A 150-sq ft room for $10,000 HK dollars a month (about $1400 Canadian)! Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong people don’t get along! Your face will be black by the end of the day! Quality is terrible! Tissues are rough! Everything is dirty! Everything is more expensive there! Tables by the window will cost you more! Everybody yells!”

PurseOMG. What are we getting ourselves into?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Next week, Paul and I are going to Calgary to see my mom and dad, after which we are going to HK via Vancouver. We’ll be in HK about a week during which Paul will be in meetings and I will be exploring and looking at apartments. Tomorrow, I’m going shopping for soft tissues and fast walking shoes.