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The ball is rolling now, really fast it seems.

We finally obtained the information we needed to map out our schedule for the coming weeks. Paul will go to Hong Kong soon for a week of meetings with the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority and to look at apartments (a somewhat terrifying thought). On March 19, our house goes on the market. We wiill travel to Hong Kong together in April, again for meetings with the WKCD (Paul), while I will be looking at apartments and trying to narrow down where we will live. We will make a trip to Calgary to visit my mom and dad, and another to Southern Ontario to visit with Paul’s parents and sisters and deliver a truck load of stuff which they have kindly offered to store for us. And on May 5, Paul officially starts his new job.

There is so much to do between these blocks of time. Meetings with our lawyer, accountant and banker. Vaccinations. Purging the house. Selling the house. Sorting what we’ll leave, what we’ll take, give away or sell. Practicing with chopsticks. Endless lists.

Breathing deep (or trying at least).