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It finally feels real.

It’s so great to be able to talk about this move and actively make plans for it now that we have announced it to family, friends and colleagues. We played our cards close and told few people about this possibility until Paul’s contract with WKCD was signed. Even my parents didn’t know until that point. We chose that course of action because the negotiations were long, challenging and stressful; we didn’t want to create anxiety for others when we weren’t sure how it would all turn out in the end.

But here we are and things are moving ahead. I sent out an email with this news to my contacts this week and am so grateful for the multitude of responses I received with support and congratulations, most of them with the word “wow” somewhere in the message. And I can’t believe the number of people who have forwarded us names of contacts in Hong Kong or people who have lived there previously. We have way (WAY) more contacts already in Hong Kong than we had when we moved to Winnipeg (from home-town Calgary) or to Ottawa. And what makes it even more exciting is that without fail, everyone talks about how much they love/loved Hong Kong. I can’t wait to start exploring it.

But first things first. Back to the great purge of my storage room …

(BTW, both my parents and Paul’s are excited and encouraging about the move, and we are grateful to them for it!)