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Well, here we go. My husband Paul and I are moving from Ottawa, Ontario to Hong Kong. Paul was head-hunted by an international search firm and has been offered the position of Head of Technical Development, Performing Arts with the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority. The WKCD is a $4 billion (CDN) project that will see the development of 17 performance and exhibition spaces on a 40-hectare property on Victoria Harbour. It is currently the most ambitious cultural development project in the world.

Paul will be working with the theatre designers and architects on the design and build of each performance space to facilitate state-of-the-art technical capacity. This is the type of work he has been doing for several years now through various projects at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and he is well positioned to take on this new challenge. I am very, very proud of him.

The recruitment process began last May when he was first contacted by the head-hunter. The process has moved at a GLACIAL pace, so it is a relief to finally be able to announce this news.

Paul will wrap up at the NAC in late spring and begin at the WKCD (sounds like a radio station) full-time on May 5, 2014. The contract is for three years with an option for another three. I will join him in Hong Kong as soon as our house is sold and our affairs here are settled. I have an endless list of things to do to get ready for this move.

I will be able to work there but am not sure yet what I will do professionally. I will certainly be thinking broadly and I look forward to new adventures. I will take some time initially to get my bearings and acclimatize to urban living like we’ve never experienced before. I think I’ll start a blog, more for therapy than anything else.

Hong Kong has THE MOST expensive housing in the world!! We’ll be going there soon to look for an apartment and we are bracing ourselves – we’ll probably get a two-bedroom apartment, which means we will have to downsize to about one-third of our current possessions. This is a terrifying prospect.

The only reservations we have are about being so far away from family and friends. Our daughter, who will be 20 when we leave, will stay at Guelph University to continue her studies but she is excited to have the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong and that part of the world. Leaving our parents is also a concern, but fortunately they are in generally good health, which makes it easier for us to undertake a move of this magnitude. Nevertheless, we will be putting systems in place for constant contact and back-up support if needed.

We are hungry for information about living in Hong Kong, so if you have any experience with that region or can put us in touch with someone who does, please let us know.